CPN Sewage treatment

The Problem:

Tanzania is like other African countries frequently bothered by Cholera outbreaks. Insufficient cleaned sewage water from leaking or overflowing septic tanks contaminates ground water or streams and is causing this outbreaks.
With this sewage are also large amounts of carbon, phosphor and nitrogen brought into the water fertilizing it.
In this over fertilized water algae growing in huge amounts and reducing the oxygen content of the water.
Fish, shellfish and micro organisms choking and dying. The natural purification processes stopping and the water becomes a dirty, stinky and toxic sauce.

The Solution:

With the Mazingira CPN water treatment system we have a full biological way to remove carbon, phosphor and nitrogen from your sewage water. The Mazingira CPN water treatment system is working so efficient that it fulfills even the very strict regulations for sewage water in Switzerland.
The water released from the Mazingira CPN system can safely be released into the environment. The natural purification processes doing the rest.
In an optional post treatment the remaining solids can be collected, converted and direct used as fertilizer soil for gardens.
After a small additional treatment (filtration) the water released from the Mazingira CPN can be direct reused for watering gardens or flushing toilets.
Using a Mazingira CPN is improving the water quality in your community.
The standard Mazingira CPN can be delivered in capacities to clean the waste water from 4 to 50 people. For bigger communities we can provide systems based on the same full biological technology.
The Mazingira CPN system needs much less space than systems with a pre treatment chamber. Converting such a treatment plant into a Mazingora CPN system roughly doubles the cleaning capacity.

The Benefits:

  • No mechanical pre treatment needed.
  • No faceal slug to dispose.
  • No need to empty the tank frequently with an expensive vacuum truck.
  • No fat separator needed for waste water from hotel or lodge kitchens.
  • No bad smell of the sewage water.
  • It is a constant process.
  • Minimum maintenance and service.
  • Minimal energy demands. Solar power supply is possible.
  • Most existing septic tanks can be converted into a Mazingira CPN system
  • Approved technology since over 30 years

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