Wastewater Solutions for Africa

Mazingira Technologies has wide capabilities in waste water technology. Our offers rangeing from ready to use wastewater plant for households, complexes, lodges and small communities (between 1 and 40 inhabitants) to bigger wastewater treatment plants for city districts, hotel complexes and industry.

In technology we focus on full aerobic wastewater treatment and wastewater reuse for service water and agriculture. We offer individual solutions for new constructions as well as optimizing and enlargement of conventional waste water treatment plants. By process optimizing we care for better effluent quality, lower energy demand, lower maintaining effort, capacity upscaling and to solve existing problems.

Full aerobic wastewater treatment

In contrast to conventional wastewater treatment plants we just use full biological treatment technology. This means specially that our system have no need of a mechanical pretreatment which is usually used and causes inconvenient and expensive problems of fecal sludge disposal. With our special process operating of a bio-cascade we have a reliable nutrient removal and a higher effluent quality with a low energy demand and maintenance. We eliminate therefore odor annoyance and solve the problem of fecal sludge disposal by producing just 2 kg dried sludge-fertilizer. The system bases on SBR-Technology and owns automatically performance adjustment.

Biological C-N-P-Strategy for removal, storage and reuse


The removal of Carbon C, Nitrogen N and Phosphor P is the primary goal of wastewater treatment. Also they build the main components of live and we can find them in humans, animals and as well as in bacterias in a relation of 100:10:1 (C-N-P). This means that a relation of this nutrients (or Pollutants, depending of point of view) is necessary for an optimal biological growing.

Residential wastewater have a typical C-N-P relation of 100-27,5-4,5 which means that Nitrogen and Phosphor is presented in over-plus. This means that for the removal of these Nutrients usually a high effort of energy (nitrification) and additives (Carbon for denitrification and precipitating agents for phosphor removal) is needed.

Most of conventional treatment plants have a mechanical settlement basin (pretreatment) to remove fecal sludge. The idea behind is mainly the wrong estimation to remove one third of the biological load without any energy demand and ignorance to handle solids. But the fecal sludge which they remove in the first step oftentimes cause problems with bad odor, high costs and effort for disposal and is responsible for concrete corrosion of the infrastructure.

Furthermore with the removal of the feces and therefore a third of biological load mainly just a removal of the carbon goes on. But this carbon is very important for the biological processes in wastewater treatment. The imbalanced C-N-P relation worsened to 100-37-5,9 which makes the biological process inefficient and a full removal of the Nutrients is impossible without expensive additives.


30 years ago, when requirements and limitations mainly focus on carbon removal instated of nutrient removal, too, the construction of a settlement basin could have been an appropriate Strategy. Mazingira technologies is specialized to build SBR wastewater treatment plants with two unattached working activated sludge basins instead of one settlement basin and one activated sludge basin which is indicating for the most SBR treatment plants which existing.

Through the special process technology of two unattached activated sludge basins we have the opportunity to use the pre-shifted denitrification and biological phosphor removal to fulfill a complete C-N-P removal and meet the local legal quality discharge requirements/limits without any further additives. Installed plants reach values for example CSB<60 mg/l; BSB5<10 mg/l; NH4<3; Nges<10 mg/l ; P<3 mg/l without any problems.

Valuable byproduct:

Like every treatment system the Mazingira Technologies solution causes byproducts. But instead of fecal sludge which is voluminous and in hygienic point of view dangerous our treatment plants cause just stabilized activated sludge. Through a small drying bed this sludge can reduce into just 6 month to a small amount of hygienic fertilizer which can be used in agriculture too if the wastewater content is just biological.

Our wastewater technologies:

  • individual wastewater treatment plants for hotels, lodges, city districts and industry
  • SBR (sequencing biological reactor)
  • Continious flow plant
  • MBR (membrane biological reactor)
  • wastewater reuse and hygienisation
  • Membranes
  • UV-Disinfection
  • extended oxidation process (Ozone and UV)
  • chlorine dioxide
  • plants for biological industrial wastewater
  • small wastewater treatment plants (ready to use in synthetic tanks)
  • wastewater engineering for problem-solving and capacity enlargement
  • Pumps
  • aerators
  • displacement parts


  • high quality of effluent
  • stable nutrients removal
  • Reducing of reactor space more than 50% compared to conventional technologies
  • no fecal sludge and no expensive disposal of it
  • elimination of odor problems
  • low maintaining
  • lower construction costs
  • lower operating costs
  • Small Sewage treatment plants for housing and Hotels
  • Industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Wastewater reuse
  • Economical sludge disposal