Waste Water


Wastewater Solutions for Africa

Mazingira Technologies has wide capabilities in waste water technology. Our offers rangeing from ready to use wastewater plant for households, complexes, lodges and small communities (between 1 and 40 inhabitants) to bigger wastewater treatment plants for city districts, hotel complexes and industry.

In technology we focus on full aerobic wastewater treatment and wastewater reuse for service water and agriculture. We offer individual solutions for new constructions as well as optimizing and enlargement of conventional waste water treatment plants. By process optimizing we care for better effluent quality, lower energy demand, lower maintaining effort, capacity upscaling and to solve existing problems.

Water hygiene

Mazingira Technologies offers assistance and service to prevent infections caused by water-borned pathogens such as pseudomoas or legionellas in your water systems.

Furthermore we can offer the sampling and testing of your water quality.
Of the broad range of physical, chemical and microbiological water-parameters.
If needed the test can be done in association with reputable laboratories.
In a personal consultation meeting we can find the most relevant parameters for you and their frequency.
We interpretate the test results and advice you accordingly.