Configurable Desalination Systems

Based on membrane distillation technology, MMD systems are relatively feedwater independent, low-fouling, and low maintenance. Solar thermal or waste heat energy is used to attain optimal operating temperatures of 80-85°. PV powered pumps circulate the water at the pressure of 1 bar in the system. Using SolarSpring MD modules, configurations can be scaled to user needs from 1 m3 to 10 m3 per day.  Systems can be configured with heat storage tanks for constant water production.

The benefits of membrane distillation make MMD systems the appropriate choice in a wide range of domestic and industrial water applications.

MMD systems are ideal in applications where reliable water supply is needed but local infrastructure is poor. MMD systems provide independence from the grid and utility providers, ensuring an adequate supply of water every day. The systems can be installed indoors or delivered inside a customized shipping container for added security.
Suitable applications include:

  • Remote and rural communities
  • Hotels, resorts, and recreational facilities
  • Satellite plants or manufacturing facilities

 MMD systems are even more cost effective when using available waste heat. Excess heat from operations (cooling towers, cooling of diesel engines, etc) can be used to recycle water for reuse in the process. 

System Benefits:

  • Low fouling, low maintenance
  • Little or no pre-treatment needed
  • Simple operation with low operating costs
  • Feedwater independent operation
  • Same MD-module for many applications
  • Consistent water quality
  • Consistent energy efficiency
  • Solar thermal or waste heat source
    ► Use of available solar thermal collector
    ► Use of heat that is otherwise rejected
  • Scalable, modular systems
    ► System designed to meet user needs
    ► Easily expandable with future growth