SolarAO Disinfection

The SolarAO Disinfection system generates a disinfectant that ensures that water can be stored and transported risk-free. The level of chlorine can be adjusted according to the requirements and taste preferences. Automatic operation, use of no additional chemicals and solar off-grid operation make it extremely low maintenance and easy to use.

SolarUV Disinfection System

SolarUV - Disinfection Systems (UltraViolet) provide drinking water to remote and rural areas. Completely solar-powered SolarSpring systems use chemical free UV-Disinfection technology to produce drinking water from sources like ground or surface water. Automatic operation, low maintenance need and high security standards are the features of our SolarUV-Disinfection Systems.

Water disinfection

Chlorine dioxide as disinfectant is the right choice if a reliable and safe disinfection is required. Whether in industry, agriculture or in public areas - chlorine dioxide has proven to be one of the best and safest disinfectants. Chlorine dioxide is mainly used to remove biofilm and to kill legionella. Furthermore it is used for many other applications.