SolarAO Disinfection

The SolarAO Disinfection system generates a disinfectant that ensures that water can be stored and transported risk-free. The level of chlorine can be adjusted according to the requirements and taste preferences. Automatic operation, use of no additional chemicals and solar off-grid operation make it extremely low maintenance and easy to use.

This system is highly recommended when drinking water is stored or sold. This can be the case in a rural setting where villagers travel to the plant and use their own containers or when it is sold e.g. through the prepaid water tap system. It guarantees the provider or seller of the water will not beheld accountable for recontamination of the water as it will stay drinkable for a reasonable amount of time.

The SolarAO Disinfection system guarantees that water will not be recontaminated or germinated when stored or transported in a separate container. This system, based on Anodic Oxidation, has been developed by Autarcon GmbH and can be combined with all other SolarSpring systems.

System Benefits:

  • 100% solar powered
    ► Installation in remote off-grid locations
    ► Low operation costs
  • Low maintenance
    ► No refilling of chlorine
    ► Reliable, consistent water quality
  • Flexible, stand-alone and reliable
    ► Modular system design
    ► Combinable with other technologies and treatment, water storage and supply concepts
    ► Automatic, PLC-controlled operation