Autonomous Desalination Units

ORYX is a stand-alone system for solar water desalination.  Thermal energy for membrane distillation is provided by solar thermal collectors and solar PV power the pumps and control systems.  Each unit is designed to operate autonomously, starting and stopping automatically when there is sufficient sunlight.
ORYX is robust, has low-fouling tendency and can be used with seawater or brackish wells.  No pre-treatment chemicals, no backflushing and low maintenance make ORYX ideal for drinking water supply in remote areas.

Configurable Desalination Systems

Based on membrane distillation technology, MMD systems are relatively feedwater independent, low-fouling, and low maintenance. Solar thermal or waste heat energy is used to attain optimal operating temperatures of 80-85°. PV powered pumps circulate the water at the pressure of 1 bar in the system. Using SolarSpring MD modules, configurations can be scaled to user needs from 1 m3 to 10 m3 per day.  Systems can be configured with heat storage tanks for constant water production.